Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Yaga Labyrinth

Take a trip through 2,000,000,000 years of geological history in our 40’ diameter, 7 circuit labyrinth

Made of stones hand collected, with permission, from all over the area; from the bottom of the riverbed to the top of the mountain peaks. We carefully selected each one to represent each period of the geological time you can put your feet on while exploring this region. The seeds were laid on the summer solstice in 2004 and completed by the fall equinox of the same year. It continues to grow, offering a meditative space with spectacular views.

“Labyrinths offer the opportunity to walk in meditation to that place within us where the rational merges with the intuitive and the spiritual is reborn” -Unknown

Experience our labyrinth by winding your way through the path to the center where you can leave an offering before meandering back out. There’s no wrong way to do it and you can’t get lost. It’s a sacred spot to take a moment for meditation or to just simply pause and be.

The Yaga Labyrinth is named in honor of the indigenous Paiute people who inhabited the area near Death Valley, now known as Tecopa, California. The labyrinth is built on an elevated space offering spectacular views of mountains, and the expansive, dry, ancient glacial lake bed of Lake Tecopa. Below is a diverse riparian habitat of the Amargosa River which is a stopping place for migratory birds, and home to the endangered Amargosa vole.

The Yaga Labyrinth shares a close connection to the healing waters of the historic Tecopa Hot Springs Resort. The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset when you can watch the sky turn brilliant colors and see the light slowly change the entire landscape— transformed with a filter that Instagram has yet to capitalize on.

You can find more information about the history of labyrinths around the world and where to find them at The Labyrinth Society’s website