Yaga Labyrinth


A 40’ diameter 7 circuit labyrinth made of stones collected from all over the area from the river to the mountains and represents also all the geological time you can put your feet on while exploring this region.  That’s almost 2 billion years of earth’s history!  The seeds were laid on summer solstice 2004 and pretty well filled in by the fall equinox. It continues to grow, offering meditative space and spectacular views.

It’s said that a labyrinth is like a maze, the difference is that in a maze you get lost and a labyrinth you can find yourself.

The Yaga Labyrinth is named in honor of the indigenous Paiute people who inhabited the area near Death Valley, now known as Tecopa, California. The labyrinth is built on an elevated space offering spectacular views of mountains, deposits of glacial Lake Tecopa, and a riparian habitat of the Amargosa River, which is a stopping place for migratory birds, and home to the endangered Amargosa vole.

In addition to the outstanding opportunities for field trips, rock and fossil hunting, four wheeling, birding, stargazing and hiking, the Yaga Labyrinth shares a close connection to the healing waters of the historic Tecopa Hot Springs Resort.

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