Hot Springs


Natural hot spring water is piped into soaking tubs, silky ancient mineral waters heated by mother earth.
still only $10 per person day for day use when available.

24 hr access to soaking is available to guests camping or lodging with us at no extra charge.  Cabins, RV and camping guests use the bathhouse.  There are soaking tubs in the motel for guests lodging there.

We’re often asked how does it work? 

We have two private soaking tubs located in our bath house on the hill.  You will enter through a sliding glass door into a common area.  There are showers for men and ladies.  Folks shower and wrap up then can use one of the two soaking tubs.  Each room with tub has a skylight that lets natural light in. You can latch the door for privacy.  Folks generally soak anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.  The temperature ranges between 101 and 104 per health department regulations.

The motel building has 3 additional soaking tubs, guests shower in their room, wrap up and go find a tub to soak in.  Rooms 11 & 16 have direct but not exclusive access to soaking tubs, Rooms 10 and 17 have hallway access.  

Both bathhouse and motel tubs have latches for privacy while you’re using the baths.

The highly mineralized water is known to soothe sore and achy bodies.  We sometimes offer wellbeing services on site or you can book body work with local therapist Karin Pine by calling Karin direct at 760 852 4478.  Our baths have wonderful acoustics.  You might hear a bit of singing or chanting in the bath house from time to time.

Water Content Statistics:

Soaking at the bathhouse

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