Local Activities & Resort Activities

Nearby places to explore:

Hot springs wetlands, fascinating peaks, China Ranch date farm, the Amargosa River, points along the Old Spanish Trail, Shoshone, the Kingstons, Death Valley, Marta Beckett’s Amargosa Opera House, , Kiltman and so much more, this truly is an oasis in the desert. It’s a birder’s paradise, with more than two hundred known species passing through. And of course Death Valley National Park. 

Night sky gazing is magical. Pretty much any night that’s clear and there are folks around and weather permitting, we’ll have a telescope or two or more set up.  Mark Hamlin is an excellent amateur astronomer.  Mark is delighted to share views through our  11” Celestron, sometimes with a color mallin cam set up.  Wander around the Milky Way and more.  And this summer (2013) Mark built his own beautiful 16” newtonian beauty.  Come out and wander the depths of the awesome space that surrounds us. 

Full moon hiking is mysterious. Local celebrations, guided hikes with the Amargosa Conservancy, events at the Shoshone Museum, Art Events in Tecopa’s TAG all generally happen  October - May. The Death Valley Chamber of Commerce keeps a calendar of all regional events.

Summer has it’s magic too, we just tend to all move a lot slower; D

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